Am I a Hair Transplant Candidate?

*Just through an appointment with the physician, either in person or on the internet, can the question of candidacy actually be replied.

There are. Broadly , these reasons would make somebody NOT a candidate for operation: younger than age 25, many medical reasons/conditions, kind of thinning (diffuse rather than routine alopecia), absence of hair from donor region (that is the most common disqualifying reason we see) and above all, unrealistic expectations.

Ladies, sadly, normally present with baldness and for this reason are usually not candidates.


The Truth

*A hair transplant doesn’t halt baldness; nevertheless the follicles are provided as the hair from the donor area (the sides and rear of the mind ) that is usually predetermined to not fall out.

*A hair transplant is a redistribution of this quantity of donor hairloss. The care has to be taken not to waste any hair.

*A consult the doctor or physicias helper is important to obtaining a true medical investigation and establishing a hair recovery strategy with realistic expectations.


*Hair transplantation is the only solution to baldness. Results are slow and begin to reveal approximately 6 months following the procedure. This could be 3 inches of expansion, the exact same average increase rate as your non-transplanted hairloss.

*Hair transplantation is totally natural looking. In reality, the majority of individuals wot know you had the process.


*The majority of people have enough donor hair to completely realize their own hair recovery goals.physician can ascertain whether your donor hair is adequate for hair transplantation. The Norwood Scale may be helpful in determining your degree of baldness.

*Age is a element in deciding whether or not hair transplantation is the ideal solution for the thinning hair. Those at the first phases of baldness may have the ability to begin with nonsurgical remedies to prevent or slow down the hair loss procedure. Examples of baldness treatments


*Temporary hair loss may be brought on by many different factors such as anxiety, reaction to drugs, injury, pregnancy and illness. It’s strongly recommended to fulfill with your physician first to find out whether your hair loss is temporary or innovative.

*Offers insightful hair loss consultations in greater than 70 offices located across the hair transplant in kota be in a position to express your own hair restoration targets while learning more about the available treatments which are clinically proven and cleared by the FDA. Yoll also get a free hair and scalp analysis that offers insight into your present amount of baldness, accessibility and high quality of donor hair. 

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